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To My Future Self

Well, I've managed to log back in after spending 45 minutes trying to remember my password, failing, locking myself out, selecting the reset option and then trawling through about ten different email inboxes (WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY) trying to find where the link was sent.

Because I want to write something down and I don't really need anyone to read it, but if I write it longhand in a notebook I'll just lose it. So LJ it is.

I want to write a lot of things down actually - about refugees and Brexit and terrorism and Nazis and Donald Jesus-Christ-are-you-fucking-kidding-me Trump and feminism and morality and anxiety and all sorts of things - because I have many opinions about this year and typing them out just feels less mad than muttering to the air in my flat. But there's one big thing that I need to get off my chest before anything else.

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Feb. 1st, 2013

So I was chatting about Irene Adler, BBC Sherlock version, with my friend rosalui in the comments of her awesome post about misogyny in fandom. She linked me to another awesome post by anna_unfolding which discussed Adler's sexuality in more depth. But then disaster struck - my inner rationalist and my inner pansexual sex-positive let's-be-nice-to-everyone queer started bickering in my head. The question: how can we respect each other's sexual identities without rendering the words we use to describe those identities meaningless and therefore useless? Here's the result - one sleepless night and one monster of a post.

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My Very First Entry

Well, I finally did it. Five years lurking on LJ reading frankly alarming amounts quite a lot of fanfiction and I've finally made a profile! I haven't a notion what I'll put here, but it probably won't matter until I go and find myself some friends - or, God help us, post some fic.